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Local journalist competencies
Knowing your local community, including tastes, customs, passions, and sources
Choosing which stories to highlight, and which to ignore
Crafting clever and SEO-friendly headlines, writing tease copy, choosing and cropping appropriate images
Sourcing and managing content from partners
Reporting and writing engaging and exceptional news stories and blog posts from primary or secondary sources on deadline
Incorporating data and audience feedback in programming decisions
Monitoring blog comments, surfing similar sites for story ideas
Familiarity with SEO, RSS, Twitter, Facebook and other social media
Qualifications for this role include:
Bachelors degree, preferably in journalism or media
Minimum 3+ years online and 5+ years overall experience at a major media outlet in your market
Minimum 1+ year experience syndicating content
Comfort with online publishing tools including more than one at a time
Basic HTML and Photoshop skills
A thorough understanding of editorial best practices, and an authoritative grasp of the AP Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style


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